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Our Learner Success Stories

  • The mentors add immense value to the program. Academics providing background knowledge and real world practitioners providing practical guidance were the best parts of the experience.

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    Christopher Campbell

    Christopher Campbell

    Statistical Consultant, California Casualty Management Company

  • The best part is the mentored sessions and the transformative growth and knowledge exchange that make it unique. The experiential skills gained with guidance from industry practitioners is just what employers require. The case studies used were extremely helpful in applying concepts learned from videos and readings.

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    Bernard Tumanjong

    Bernard Tumanjong

    Information Systems Engineer, U.S. Army

  • I have been amazed by the professional format that Great Learning has offered and how easy it is to navigate through the coursework. I have also been very impressed with the support offered for each student.

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    Sherene Long

    Sherene Long

    Data Analyst, USAA

  • The learning experience was very enriching and the mentors and advisors were very supportive all along. With curiosity and willingness to commit to some work, you'll learn a lot.

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    Javier R. Olaechea

    Javier R. Olaechea

    Data Solution Integration Advisor, ExxonMobil

  • I genuinely appreciate the mentorship team of Great Learning. The presentation was great and focused on real-world problems while covering them in-depth too. The icing on the cake was the excellent use of graphics to clarify the concepts.

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    Ken Mugo

    Ken Mugo

    Regional IT Manager, The Nature Conservancy

Dedicated Career Support

Resume & LinkedIn profile review
Interview preparation with industry experts
Build an industry-ready online portfolio

Be job-ready by mastering highly relevant tools and technologies

Comprehensive Curriculum


Hours of Learning Content


Projects and Assignments

Designed by leading software developers, the curriculum gives you the exposure you need to build full-fledged software solutions with front-end, back-end, and dev-ops capabilities.

    PRE WORK: Introduction to Programming (4 Weeks)

    Introduction to Web Development

    Web Vs App Development, Webpage - A building block of web development, Traditional Vs Modern Web App, Server Side Coding Technologies.

    Introduction to MERN Stack

    Introduction to Node Js, Express JS, MongoDB, React. Understanding a a basic MERN Application.

    Introduction to GIT

    Various operations in Git, git init, git pull, git commit, git add, git push, git merge, git diff.

    Setting up the system

    Installation of VS Code, Github, MongoDB Compass.

    MODULE 1: CS Fundamentals & Front-end Development (13 Weeks)


    Page structure, Elements, Tags, Input attributes, HTML5 tutorial.


    Syntax, Selectors, Specificity, Properties, Layout.

    Basics of Javascript 1

    Comments, Data Types, Operators, Branching and Looping in JS, Functions.

    Basics of Javascript 2

    IIFE, Scope of Variables, Declaring Objects, Working with Objects, JSON Format , Function call.

    DOM Manipulation

    Document Object Model, Working with DOM Objects, Queryselector, innerHTML, Manipulating CSS, Add/Remove classes, Manipulating Attributes, DOM Event Listener.

    Javascript ES6 and OOP

    ES6, let, const, destructuring ,Rest Operator, Spread Operator, Defining Class in ES6, Inheritance from Class, OOP (Polymorphism, Encapsulation) using ES6, Iterables , forEach.

    Data Structures using JS

    Arrays, Math Functions, String Functions, Data Structure in JS, Time and Space Complexity, Stack, Linear Search and Binary Search.

    Advanced Javascript

    Hoisting, Prototype, Strict Mode, Try Catch Block, Promises, Ajax, Async Await, Local Storage, Session Storage.


    Syntax, Selectors, DOM Manipulation, CSS Manipulation, Working with Ajax.


    Creating React App, JSX, React Components and Props, Styling React Components, React Fragments, React Hooks and Context, Conditional Rendering, React Constructors, React Refs.

    MODULE 2: Databases (5 Weeks)


    Relational Database, Querying, Joining Tables, Creating Database and adding business logic, MySQL tutorial + Normalisation.


    Introduction to Mongoose DB(Version of MongoDB), Creating Database, Creating Collections, CRUD Operations, Mongoose Schema and Models.

    MODULE 3: Back-end development (5 Weeks)


    Rendering HTML, Working with Files, MVC Pattern, Sessions And Cookies, Authentication and Authorization.


    Routing and HTTP Methods, Middleware, Cookies REST API, Error Handling, Integrating React and Express.


    Unit test case: Unit testing using open sources tools Browser and System testing automation.

    MODULE 4: Cloud Deployment & DevOps (3 Weeks)

    Cloud Foundations

    AWS Console, IAM, Roles, EC2, Lambda, DocumentDB.


    Cloud Formations, Terraform, CloudWatch for logs, Nginx, PM2 as Process Manager.

    Deployment of MERN App on AWS

    Code Deployment using Code Pipeline and Cloud Formations, Configuring Nginx for Back-end and Front-end.

Learn the most in-demand web development tools

aws mongoDb Node Js Javascript React Express Js

Cloud DevOps, HTML, CSS and more..

Facuty and Mentor

Meet a few of our faculty and mentors, the guiding force of your learning journey. Our industry mentors are skilled and experienced professionals working at top-notch companies.

  • Dr. Kumar Muthuraman

    Dr. Kumar Muthuraman

    Faculty Director, UT Austin

  • Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar

    Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar

    Academic Director, PhD, Stanford University

  • Alejandro Jose Gonzalez Duarte

    Alejandro Jose Gonzalez Duarte

    Node JS Software Engineer, TEAM International

  • Nirmallya Mukherjee

    Nirmallya Mukherjee

    Former Chief Architect, Dell

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