NUS Business School Digital Transformation: Rethink Your Business For Growth Programme

Explore New Possibilities Through Technology and Realise Transformation With Processes, Data And People

  • 3-Month Programme
  • Certificate from NUS Business School
  • Case Study Driven Learning
  • Capstone Project

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Why Choose this Programme?

Learn from renowned NUS Business School Faculty
  • On-demand content curated by world-renowned faculty at NUS Business School.
  • Learn digital technologies/ capabilities for enhancing organization's core business.
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Suitable for Working Professionals
  • Designed for mid to senior-level professionals.
  • Live Masterclass Sessions from NUS Business School Faculty & Industry Experts.
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Practical, Hands-on learning
  • Identify how new technologies can enable digital transformation and disrupt existing industries.
  • Become data-driven and examine the future of business strategies based on real-world digital transformation projects.
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Working Professional
Learn from NUS Faculty and Industry Experts
Career Support
Hands-on Projects and Online Masterclasses
Salary Hike
Certificate of Completion from NUS Business School
Industry Project
Carefully designed curriculum through the lens of Business Managers and Leaders
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Build Digital-Ready Business with NUS Business School - Digital Transformation Programme

Online | 3 Months

Certificate of Completion from NUS Business School

Key Highlights of the NUS Business School Digital Transformation Programme


The Digital Transformation: Rethink Your Business For Growth Programme is a 3-month online programme offered by NUS Business School in collaboration with Great Learning. The programme intends to help professionals and entrepreneurs to become tech-savvy, agile, resilient, and sustainable in the modern technological world. Here are the key highlights of the program:


  • 3- Months Online Programme

  • Designed for 21st-century Business Professionals

  • 4-6 hours of learning commitment per week

  • Industry-relevant curriculum designed by faculty at NUS Business School

  • No prior technical knowledge is required

  • Includes capstone project for hands-on learning

  • Assignments and activities to incorporate learning into practice

  • Certificate of completion from NUS Business School

The NUS Advantage

  • NUS Business School is a part of the National University of Singapore, Asia’s #1 and globally #11 University as per the QS World University Rankings 2022. 

  • NUS Business School is consistently rated as one of the top business schools in the Asia-Pacific region and one of the leading business schools worldwide. Studying a Digital Transformation course from one of the world's best universities is an achievement. 

  • The programme curriculum is designed by the NUS Business School faculty.

  • After completing the programme, learners will receive a certificate from NUS Business School. 

The Great Learning Advantage: Why should you choose us?

There are numerous digital transformation online courses available. Then why should you choose Great Learning?


Here are the reasons:

  1. The Great Learning Edge: One of India’s best E-learning platforms, Great Learning has been awarded 'Best online skills provider of the year 2021’, 'Best E-learning company of the Year and Edtech CEO of the year 2020’, and 'Ranked No. 1 in top AI, Analytics and Data Science courses.’ 

  2. Transformed millions of careers: Great Learning has impacted over 4 million learners from more than 170 countries. 

  3. Partnerships with Hiring Companies: Great Learning has partnered with 12000+ companies to share job opportunities with the Great Learners.

  4. All Round Development: Great Learning believes in upskilling learners with the motive of providing dynamic learning and meeting the current needs of the industry.

Why should you do the NUS Business School Digital Transformation Programme?


You should do the NUS Business School Digital Transformation Programme for not one but several reasons:


  • Need of the hour: Digital Transformation is the need of the hour as the latest technologies rapidly alter our lives, work, and businesses.  To thrive in this competitive digital environment, one needs to upskill themselves. 

  • To deliver better customer experiences: As a service professional or a businessman, you must constantly innovate and redesign processes to provide better customer experiences.

  • To harness technological changes: Professionals and entrepreneurs need to deep dive into the latest technologies to reap the benefits of digital tools and data and address present and future challenges. 

  • One of the best Digital Transformation Programmes: NUS Business School is among the top-ranked business schools in the world, and what could be a better source than NUS Business School to learn about Digital Transformation?

The NUS Business School Digital Transformation Programme Learning Path

The learning path of the NUS Business School Digital Transformation Programme drives business efficiency and growth in learners. It begins with the fundamentals and moves on to get first-hand experience with the skills learned. 


The digital transformation curriculum is divided into nine modules:


Module 1: Digitalisation Landscape & Impact of Disruption

Module 2: Strategies and New Business Models for the Platform Economy

Module 3 & 4: Applying the Design Thinking Process

Module 5: Digitalising Core Operations and the Supply Chain

Modules 6 & 7: Leveraging Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning for Value Creation

Modules 8 & 9: Rethinking Marketing and Outreach for the Digital Customer.


Skills Covered in the NUS Business School Digital Transformation Programme

You will be able to learn the following skills throughout the Digital Transformation course:


  • Digitisation of products and services

  • Digital disruption

  • Digital strategy

  • Digital business models

  • Design thinking process

  • Digitalising Core Operations and the Supply Chain

  • Big data analytics and Machine Learning in digital ecosystems

  • Outreach to digital customers


NUS Digital Transformation Programme Faculty

The NUS Digital Transformation Programme faculty are from the NUS Business School. 


NUS Business School Digital Transformation Programme Admission Details

Here are the basic NUS Business School Digital Transformation Programme Admission Details:


NUS Digital Transformation Programme Duration  

The duration of the Digital Transformation programme is three months.

NUS Digital Transformation Programme Eligibility

This programme is best suited for mid to senior-level professionals who want to become influential business leaders by emphasising emerging technologies, globalisation of business and strategy in a digital world.

NUS Digital Transformation Programme Application Procedure

To apply for this programme:

  • Fill out an online application form

  • The Admission Committee will review the application

  • Join the programme if you get selected. 

NUS Digital Transformation Programme Fees

The total fee for the NUS Digital Transformation Programme is:


  • USD 1800 (excl. GST)
  • USD 1926 (incl. GST)

Ideal Candidates for the NUS Business School Digital Transformation Programme

The ideal candidates for NUS Business School Digital Transformation Programme are mid to senior-level professionals to lead digital transformation within their organizations. 

The programme is ideal for: 

  • Tech leads & architects who want to learn about upcoming technologies and drive digital transformation projects.

  • Product owners & functional heads who want to understand new-age technology and increase their product knowledge.

  • Executives who are responsible for implementing the company’s strategy or digital transformation and those considering or currently running innovation labs and corporate accelerators.

  • CEOs and CXOs who are looking to explore tech-based opportunities in new domains.

  • Consultants want to understand popular digital technologies and effectively converse with their clients.


Career Impact: How can NUS Business School and Great Learning help you build your dream career?

NUS Business School and Great Learning both are leaders in their arenas. NUS Business School is one of the top business schools in the world, while Great Learning is a leading ed-tech platform. The Digital Transformation programme is built with the collaboration of both NUS Business School  and Great Learning and will help you make your dream career in the following ways:


Become future-ready

Choosing this Digital Transformation programme will embrace your growth to develop new technical skills and become future-ready. 


Top-notch programme content

The content for the NUS Digital Transformation programme is designed by faculty from NUS Business School to give an edge to the learners.