Practical Decision Making Using Data Science

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Learn from renowned NUS Business School Faculty
  • On-demand content from world-renowned NUS Business School Faculty.
  • Curriculum designed from the lens of Business Managers and Leaders.
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  • Online Classes with Masterclasses from Industry experts.
  • Monthly Projects with Guidance and Personalized feedback.
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Practical, Hands-on learning
  • 6 Projects including a Capstone Project to prepare you for real-world problems
  • No prior coding experience required
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Working Professional
Learn from NUS Business School faculty and Industry Experts
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6 Projects and Personalised Mentorship Sessions
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Certificate of Completion from NUS Business School
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No programming experience required
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Practical Decision Making Using Data Science

Online | 6 months

Certificate of Completion from NUS Business School

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World #11

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Asia #1

NUS (Asia) 2022

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Data Science Course For Practical Decision-Making Offered by NUS Business School

Making data-driven decisions is perhaps the most efficient business hack. Many organizations have already witnessed the outstanding impact caused by data-driven decision making and many are on their way to embracing real-time data-driven decision-making.

What is Data Science all about?

The domain of Data Science is multidisciplinary as it exercises several scientific techniques, methods, algorithms, and systems to obtain knowledge and insights from data.

Data-driven decision-making is a way to determine a course of action based on quality data. It uses data systematically and intelligently to access, test, and improve program activity processes. In simple words, data-driven decision-making can be explained as getting the right data to the right people at the right time to make the best use of data for problem-solving and performance improvement. Data-driven decision-making assists organizations in multiple ways. It offers several benefits such as identifying and responding to emerging trends and needs. It helps in solving complex business problems and achieving long-term goals. 

Data-driven decisions are highly reliable and extremely efficient. Data-driven decisions are creating a significant impact on several functions such as optimizing the marketing mix, pricing, automation, enhancing the customer experience, solving complex business problems, forecasting the future, and many more. Hence, learning Data Science is now perceived as a need to undertake a career shift and withstand the competition. 

Great Learning has designed a comprehensive program called Practical Decision Making Using Data Science. This is a hands-on program designed for senior professionals to help them enhance their skills and undertake a career transition into the roles of Data Science and Machine Learning. 

Upon taking up the Data Science course, learners will be taught about the tools and methodologies employed by data-centric organizations that use the data to make effective decisions and apply Data Science to empower their businesses. 

The tools and techniques taught in this programme would enhance the skills and aid in better decision-making. Hence, people working in job roles such as functional manager, analyst, business leader, or entrepreneur should consider taking up a Data Science course offered by NUS. The goal of the program is to help you make good business decisions using Data Science, no matter which industry you represent or what function you work in.

Who could take up the Practical Decision-Making Programme?

The Practical Decision Making Using Data Science programme is best suited for those who have a strong understanding of their respective domains and wish to learn analytics to aid their decision-making skills.

 This programme also stands as the best choice for those working in the below mentioned job roles aspiring to expand their analytical and data science skillset

  • Product/Project/Programme Managers 

  • New Team Leads and Executives 

  • Sales/Marketing/Delivery/Account Managers 

  • CXO/Directors 

  • Experienced Entrepreneurs who wish to expand their skillset

Note - Prior Coding experience is not necessary for this program.

The pay scale offered to Data Science professionals

The domain of Data Science is recognized as one of the leading professions across the world for the tremendous demand it has attained in recent times. states that the pay scale of a data scientist across the United States ranges from $110k-160k per annum. Adding Data Science and analytical skills to your existing technological skills would assist you to land a better job role. The pay scale offered in this domain is also considered as one of the main reasons driving interest in pursuing a career in Data Science. 

What would you learn when you take up the Practical Decision-Making Programme offered by NUS.

Below are several skills you would master upon taking up the Data Science course.

  • Acquire the skills to use the best methodologies to employ data for deriving meaningful outcomes for your organization. 

  • Gain operational knowledge of several data frameworks & tool kits to expeditiously assess Data Science problems.

  • Acquire working knowledge of frameworks & toolkits to quickly evaluate a particular problem

  • Master the skill set of Excel and Azure ML for developing several Data Science applications.

  • Get acquainted with the business landscape and several varieties of business problems that can be solved through Data Science practices.

  • Equip yourself with knowledge of analytics to supervise your team and lead them in the right direction.

Why should you take up the Practical Decision Making Using Data Science programme offered by the National University of Singapore?

Even though there are a lot of institutions offering several programmes in Data Science, what makes the Practical Decision Making Using Data Science programme offered by the National University of Singapore stand as the best choice?

This program is offered by Great Learning in collaboration with the prestigious NUS- National University of Singapore. 

NUS stands as one of the most reputed Universities across the world. NUS is one of the leading business schools in Asia. It has also been recognized as the best business school in East and West of Asia. NUS is also ranked #1 in Asia's QS World University Rankings and 11th in QS World University Rankings. 

Great Learning is one of the leading Ed-tech companies offering various courses in the most in-demand technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cyber security, and more. 

Let us learn about the various benefits offered by Great Learning upon taking up the Data Science online program by NUS.


The faculty of NUS is perceived as one of the best across Asia and the world. Upon taking up the Data Science NUS programme, learners get to learn from the highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty of NUS. Learners partake in live online classes organized by the faculty of NUS. The list of faculty of this programme includes Professor Jussi Keppo, Associate Professor and Dean's Chair Research Director of NUS, Professor Tan Hong Ming, Lecturer and Research Fellow Department of Analytics and Operations, NUS Business School, and many other accomplished faculty members.

Masterclasses from Industry Experts

The Data Science programme by NUS also incorporates several masterclasses in which industry experts take and share their actual experiences. The industry experts are real-world practitioners of data scientists working for reputed organizations across the world. 


Upon the successful completion of the Data Science programme, each candidate will receive a certificate from the world-renowned National University of Singapore adding value to their CV.

Exhaustive Curriculum

Learn from the exhaustive curriculum curated by experts, helping learners build industry-valued decision-making and analytical skills. The curriculum of this programme is one of the key characteristics that make it stand out.

Hands-on Training

Candidates work on 6 Projects including a Capstone Project that prepares them to solve real-world business problems.

These projects support the learners to gain practical knowledge and expertise in exercising the tools and concepts learned throughout the sessions. Learners will also be provided with guidance from industry experts throughout their learning journey.


The Practical Decision-Making programme is a 6-month online program that demands 4 to 6 hours of learning commitment per week. Hence, learners can manage their personal and professional lives while pursuing the Data Science online course.

So, what are you waiting for? Register for the best online Data Science programme today.